Gel Toy Nation Gel Blaster P-9 Kids

Gel ball blaster has a smooth shooting experience and stimulates power. It can nonstop fast shoot 8+ gel beads per second, which shoots far and range up to 60-75 feet. It conforms to the design of a human’s hand and is comfortable to hold. Enjoy much fun in the shooting games!Easy To Use: Choose splatter ball gun and you can use it in a variety of scenarios. Easy to assemble. With a detachable front handle and adjustable rear stock, you can use it as a normal gell ball blaster pistol or turn it into a rifle orby gun. Premium & Fun: Infrared sight with adjustable direction allows you to target more precisely. Upgrade the spring trigger and higher quality materials, the orbee gun is well made so you don't have to worry about easily breaking. The tracks on the left, right and undersides of the toy gun body make it easy for you to install flashlights and any other accessories you want.Safe & No Mess: Orbi gun full auto is a toy blaster that can shoot out easy clean, biodegradable gel balls instead of darts. These gel balls will burst on impact and evaporate completely, causing no damage and leaving without stains or residues, no bullet recycling or cleaning is required. Best Birthday Gift Choice: It’s fun for outdoor family games. The gelly blaster provides harmless dynamic entertainment that keeps kids expending all that extra energy and keeping them away from electronics. Boys and girls will love the funny graffiti illustrations.
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