Is Gel Blaster Ammo the Same as Orbeez?


Introduction: Gel blasters have gained popularity as exciting recreational toys, offering users a unique shooting experience. One common question that arises is whether gel blaster ammo is the same as Orbeez, those colorful water beads popular in sensory play and crafts. In this blog post, GelToyNation delves into the differences between gel blaster ammo and Orbeez to provide clarity on this topic.

Understanding Gel Blaster Ammo: 

Gel blaster ammo, also known as gel balls or gellets, is specifically designed for use with gel blaster guns. These small, spherical pellets are made from superabsorbent polymer materials and are intended for recreational shooting activities. When soaked in water, gel balls expand and soften, making them suitable for safe gameplay.

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Exploring Orbeez: 

Orbeez, on the other hand, are water-absorbent polymer beads that expand in size when soaked in water. They are primarily used for sensory play, decoration, and crafts. Orbeez come in various colors and are non-toxic, making them safe for handling.

Differences Between Gel Blaster Ammo and Orbeez: 

While both gel blaster ammo and Orbeez are made from polymer materials and expand when soaked in water, there are significant differences between the two:

  1. Purpose: Gel blaster ammo is specifically designed for use as ammunition in gel blaster guns, providing a safe and enjoyable shooting experience. Orbeez, on the other hand, are intended for sensory play and crafting purposes and are not designed for use as projectiles in toy guns.

  2. Size and Composition: Gel blaster ammo typically comes in uniform sizes and is formulated to have optimal consistency and performance when fired from gel blaster guns. Orbeez, while also made from polymer materials, may vary in size and composition, as they are not engineered for projectile use.

  3. Density and Impact: Gel blaster ammo is engineered to have a specific density and impact force suitable for recreational shooting activities. Orbeez, while soft and squishy, may not have the same impact force or consistency as gel blaster ammo, making them unsuitable for use in gel blaster guns.

Conclusion: In summary, while gel blaster ammo and Orbeez share some similarities in their polymer composition and water-absorbent properties, they serve different purposes and are not interchangeable. Gel blaster ammo is specifically designed for use in gel blaster guns, offering a safe and enjoyable shooting experience, while Orbeez are intended for sensory play and crafting. For reliable gel blaster products and information, trust as your ultimate resource.

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