What Are Orbeez Guns and Gel Blasters? Things You Must Know with GelToyNation

Orbeez guns and gel blasters are two exciting and increasingly popular options for interactive play and target practice. Both offer fun and safe ways to enjoy shooting games, whether you're playing indoors or outdoors. In this blog, we'll explore what Orbeez guns and gel blasters are, how they work, and what you need to know to get started with them.

Orbeez Guns

What Are Orbeez Guns?

Orbeez guns use small, colorful, water-absorbing beads called Orbeez as ammunition. These beads expand when soaked in water, creating soft, gel-like projectiles that are perfect for play. Orbeez guns offer a safe and entertaining way to enjoy shooting games without causing harm to players or the environment.

How Do Orbeez Guns Work?

To use an Orbeez gun, you first need to hydrate the Orbeez beads by soaking them in water until they expand to the desired size. Once ready, the beads can be loaded into the gun. When you pull the trigger, the gun shoots the Orbeez projectiles at your target. Orbeez guns are suitable for players of all ages and are great for backyard games or friendly competitions.

Gel Blasters

What Are Gel Blasters?

Gel blasters are toy guns that use biodegradable, non-toxic gel balls as ammunition. These gel balls are similar to Orbeez beads in that they expand when soaked in water, creating soft and safe projectiles. Gel blasters are known for their realistic design and shooting experience, making them a favorite choice for those looking to enjoy target practice or combat-style games.

How Do Gel Blasters Work?

Similar to Orbeez guns, gel blasters require hydrating the gel balls before use. Once hydrated, the gel balls are loaded into the blaster's magazine. When you fire the blaster, it shoots the gel balls at your target. Gel blasters offer a thrilling experience and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

Key Differences Between Orbeez Guns and Gel Blasters

  • Ammunition: Orbeez guns use colorful Orbeez beads, while gel blasters use biodegradable gel balls.
  • Design: Gel blasters often have a more realistic design and shooting experience compared to Orbeez guns.
  • Purpose: Orbeez guns are more focused on fun and colorful play, while gel blasters are geared towards realistic target practice and combat-style games.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Safety: Always prioritize safety when using Orbeez guns or gel blasters. Wear protective eyewear and follow the manufacturer's safety guidelines.
  • Environment: Both Orbeez beads and gel balls are environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable.
  • Age-Appropriate: Choose the right type of gun based on the age and experience of the player.


Both Orbeez guns and gel blasters offer a fun and exciting way to enjoy shooting games. Whether you're looking for colorful and playful Orbeez guns or realistic and thrilling gel blasters, you'll find a wide variety of options to suit your preferences. For more information on Orbeez guns, gel blasters, and related accessories, visit GelToyNation.com to explore their fantastic selection. Enjoy your playtime and experience the thrill of these amazing toys!

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