GEL TOY NATION PREMIUM Glock G22 Electric Laser Tag Pistol Gel Blaster


- realistic glock g22 gel blaster with quick disassembly design.
- with its v3.0 mosfet, press the trigger for 2-3s to enter manual mode.
- can be installed with laser device to become a laser gun.
- built with many metal parts such as piston ladder, barrel, return rod and strong spring.

Firing mode: semi-auto / manual
Material: Metal + Nylon
Magazine capacity: 20pcs
Ammo: 7-8mm Gel Balls
Color: black / sand
Weight: 455g
Size: 18.5*15.5cm

Laser range: up to 200 meters
Gel balls range: 15-20 meters
220 FPS out the box.

Package includes:
1x G-22 gel and laser blaster toy pistol
1x laser tube
1x usb charger
1x safety glasses
1x 11.1v battery mag

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