Gel Toy Nation Gel Blaster Gel Bead Ammo 40,000 balls


Gel Toy Nation Gel beads are commonly used as ammunition for gel blasters, which are toy guns that shoot these water-absorbing polymer beads. Gel blasters have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in countries where airsoft and paintball guns are heavily regulated or banned.

When used in gel blasters, the gel beads are typically soaked in water for several hours prior to use. This causes them to swell and become soft and squishy, allowing them to be safely and accurately fired from the blaster's barrel. Upon impact with a target, the gel beads burst, releasing a small amount of water and leaving behind a satisfying splatter.

Gel beads used in gel blasters are typically small, between 6-8mm in diameter, and come in a range of colors. They are considered to be a safe and non-lethal alternative to traditional ammunition, as they are lightweight and unlikely to cause injury or damage to property.

While gel blasters have faced some controversy over their similarity in appearance to real firearms, they are generally regarded as a fun and exciting way to engage in simulated combat scenarios. Gel beads add an element of realism to the experience, providing players with a visual and tactile sensation upon impact.

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