Gel Toy Nation Dino Gel Blaster


Gel Toy Nation Environmentally Safe Outdoor Game Gel Ball Blast Challenge: Get ready for a splatter blast! Safe and environmentally friendly gel water blaster will burst and evaporate immediately when they encounter obstacles, no need clean, no dirty clothes. Comes with 60,000 gel balls for you to squander your happiness and shoot to the end! Thrilling team shooters are entertainment that every boy or "big boy" can't resist.

OENLOL GEL BALL BLASTER M4 body is painted with water transfer graffiti, and each M4 is unique. OENLOL GEL BALL BLASTER M4 weighs only 1.58 pounds, has a full length of 36 inches, is powered by a large battery of 7.4V and 500mAh, and is equipped with a dual magazine (1400 rounds), making it easy to carry outside, making it very suitable for continuous field operations.

Upgraded Transmission: We have refactored and upgraded the design of the transmission, backed by a powerful powertrain, it will fire at incredible speeds and up to 800 rounds per minute over 70 feet The long-range and powerful shooting ability can achieve continuous shooting without lag, you never have to worry about the gel ball blaster getting stuck. It is forbidden to continuously pull the trigger for a long time with an empty magazine, which will damage the transmission!

Great Gift Option : gel ball blaster is suitable for any beginner or experienced player. Helps with physical activity, target skills, observation and endurance, and is a great form of entertainment, especially for group games! The best gift options for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, New Year's, Halloween, Thanksgiving and holidays! Let's have a big blaster fight with your family and friends!

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