GEL TOY NATION Glock G18S 14.8v Gel Blaster


G18S Gel Blasters are toy guns that are designed to resemble the Glock 18C pistol. This glock gel ball blaster has 14.8v batteries, which grant it an insane high fire rate. It has mag prime, blowback and high quality torch. You can even upgrade it to achieve more power.

- The skd g18s gel ball blaster is battery operated, it can switch between 7.4v & 14.8v.
- Blow-Back Feature.

- Fast Trigger Response.

- Plastic Inner Barrel.

- Tactical High Powered LED Flashlight.

- Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery.

- Electronic Mag Primer.


Brand: SKD

Scale: 1:1 Ratio

Material: nylon

Firing Modes: Full Auto / Semi Auto

Gel type: 7-8mm

Magazine Capacity: Approx 40 Gel Balls

Color: full black

Size: 19*14*2.8cm

Weight: 500g

Fire power: Up to 140 FPS
Rate of fire: Up to 8 Rounds Per Second
Shooting range:  Up to 20m

Package Includes:
1x SKD Glock G18S
1x Magazine
1x Flashlight
1x Safety Glasses
1x Bottle
1x Pack of Gel Balls
1x USB Charger
1x Instructions With English

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