Gel Toy Nation P90 black AND WHITE


Gel Toy Nation P-90



  • Safe and Cool: Gel ball blaster eject 7~8mm gel balls. The gel balls burst after impact, and will disappear completely after drying. No need to clean. The graffiti design makes the water beads blaster look more special and energetic. This gel ball blaster is suitable for both adults and Kids.
  • Fast and Long Range: Gel ball blasters powered by a rechargeable 7.4V battery, which makes it has a stable shooting accuracy. The toy blaster can eject 8+ gel balls per second, and have an effective range of more than 50 feet.
  • Soak Gel Balls before Use: the original beads come in the pack can't be used as bullets, need to be soaked in enough water for 4~5 hours to expand to 7~8mm.
  • Easy to Use: The gel beads blaster is highly assembled, you only need to load the soaked gel ball and install the battery before you can enjoy playing. The hopper is newly upgraded with a capacity of over 1000 gel balls, avoiding frequent reloading.
  • Fun for Family: Water gel ball toy blasters are perfect for outdoor shooting game, can be physical exercise & targeting skills&observation & endurance. Family can play outdoor battle activity and have fun together. Shooting games involve a lot of limb movements, which is beneficial for kids health and endurance. Gel ball blaster suitable for backyards, jungles, hills, flat ground, experience making you feel so happy.


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