gel toy nation m416 magma gel ball blaster

1.【Blaster Gun Toy】: Exciting team game that is safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Bursts upon impact, leaving no stains on walls or clothes, and naturally evaporates without cleaning.
2.【New Color Edition】: Introducing the Upgraded Blaster in an eye-catching color combination. Enhanced gearbox and gears for smoother operation and a more realistic experience.
3.【High Capacity and Rapid Fire】: Features a large magazine design for loading numerous gel balls, allowing continuous and rapid firing in intense battles. Dominate the battlefield and surprise opponents with fast and efficient firing.
4.【Safe, Family-Friendly, and Reusable】: Designed with safety in mind, including a reliable shooting mechanism and protective goggles. Offers a safe shooting experience for all ages and is reusable for countless battles with no frequent replacements required.
5.【Perfect gift】: Ideal for beginners or seasoned players, promotes physical activity, goal skills, observation, and stamina. Great for entertaining group games. Best gift choice for various occasions.
6.【Warm Tips】: Fully charge the blaster for approximately 40 minutes before use. Wear goggles for eye protection. Effective range: 70 feet. Avoid aiming at the eyes or face to prevent accidents.
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