Gel Toy Nation Mp-17 Gel Blaster

Gel Toy Nation Mp-17 Gel Blaster, Orbeez Gun, Splatter blaster, orbie gun. 
High-speed continuous fire upgrade with 7.4v battery for intense shooting action
Highly assembled toy with drums and sights for an authentic shooting experience
Manual/automatic burst dual mode for versatile gameplay options
Perfect for team shooting games and competitions
Great gift for toy and gun enthusiasts alike. 
Activities Team Game. 

Enjoy a simulation showdown with your family or friends or have fun role-playing with your kids with our gel ball gun!100% Safe & Easy to Clean Gel Balls Made from super absorbent polymer (SAP), our all-natural and starch-based gel balls make cleaning easy and convenient for you. It bursts on contact and immediately evaporates, leaving no stain, dust, and color—making it safe for both the environment and the users. To use, soak our gel balls with fresh water for 4 hours for maximum hydration. Its size will increase up to 7-8mm after full expansion. After that, you can now load these gel balls.
Gifts for kids who love the outdoors It is a gift for children, suitable for physical exercise, observation, and endurance. This is great entertainment, especially for group games! This is a great choice as a gift for Christmas, Halloween, New Years, birthdays or other important occasions.

Linkage Effect & Double Shooting Mode: This electric gel ball blaster toy adopts a 1:1 standard size ultra-high reproduction, and the length can reach 24 inches; the new double shooting mode with double magazine design and cool linkage effect, The diverse and cool gameplay allows you not only to experience the fun of shooting!

Eject with one click! Brilliant fighting experience! GasGBB electric with gel ball blasters' tail design has a one-button ejection and retractable design, allowing you to quickly switch combat forms during battle!

Safe and GREEN: This Large gel ball blaster with drum is a fun outdoor toy. Safe for children. After impact, it will automatically break and evaporate, no need to clean, no need to dirty clothes, no need to pick up water droplets to reload, allowing you to throw away all your troubles and enjoy the bite outdoor shooting game!

Powerful Performance: Our gearbox of this jelly blaster adopts brand-new technology. By optimizing the gear connection and power structure, it has a better performance. It can not only continue to shoot steadily, but also achieve excellent results of 30m/s, 110FPS, and 80Ft range!

Best Gift Choice: If you are racking your brains to choose a gift for your kids, this splatter ball blaster is the best gift choice, Gel ball blaster game is a fun and safe way to exercise your tactical skills and drain your energy, classic style with the right size. It's a great birthday holiday Christmas gift for kids over 14 years old.

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