GEL TOY NATION PREMIUM Vector Gel Ball Blaster

  • A Kriss Vector Gel Blaster is a type of toy gun that is designed to resemble the Kriss Vector submachine gun. Built with a unique gearbox, the lehui vector gel ball blaster has a high velocity and great rate of fire. It's full nylon made and upgradable. The version comes with rich accessories to make it more realistic.

    - 1:1 scale full nylon constructed kriss vector gel blaster.
    - Well designed/ Attention to Detail/ Quality Build.
    - Next-Gen High-Performance V2 Gearbox.
    - Mag Fed.
    - Mag Primer.
    - Foldable Stock.
    - Vertical Foregrip.
    - Tactical LED Flashlight.
    - Tactical Red Dot Laser Sight.
    - Holographic Scope.

    Brand: lehui

    Model: kriss vector gel blaster

    Material: nylon

    Firing Modes: Single; 3-Shot Burst; Full Auto
    Gel type: 7-8mm
    Extended size: 77*36cm
    box size: 56*38*13cm


    Rate of fire: Up to 15 RPS
    Fire power: 220-260 FPS
    Shooting range: Approx. 25m 

    Package contents:
    1x illustrated Instructions with Chinese
    1x LH Vector v2 gel blaster
    1x Magazine Clip
    5x 500 Pack of 7-8mm Gel Balls
    1x Holographic Sight
    1x Muzzle
    1x Suppressor
    1x Vertical Foregrip
    1x Pack of Screws and Screwdriver
    2x iron Sight
    1x Sling Attachment
    1x 7.4v Battery with USB charger

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