Gel Toy Nation Special Apex Tracer Sci-Fi Gel Blaster Pistol


The Apex Tracer Gel Blaster pistol is one of the funkiest Gel Blasters on the market. The Apex Gel Blasters, have an impressive rate of fire and light up to really set the mood.  With the choice of using either the sleek colour matched hopper, or the simple bottle hopper, the configuration is up to you.

The Sleek space age hopper gives you the maximum Gel capacity but need the blaster to be held fairly flat for gels to feed freely. Whereas using the bottle as the hopper, gives you the most consistent feed for the gels.

At Gel Toy Nation, We understand every

users pursuit of gel ball launcher shooting speed and

shooting distance. After many tests, we finally completed

a comprehensive upgrade of the engine and driver, and

successfully developed version 3.0. This range can reach

150 feet. It has a certain amount

of recoil and has a longer, stronger service life. It can

definitely help you stand out in the game and become

the shooting king!


[Best Gift Choicel :Perfect for any beginner or

experienced gamer, this gel gun helps with physical

activity, aiming skills, observation and stamina, and is

great entertainment, especially for group games!lt is

suitable for team battles between children, and it is also

suitable for parents to play with children and experience

the joy of shooting! Lets have a fierce duel with your

family and friends!

[Quality after-Sales Service] :If the product you

purchased stops working within one month, please

contact us as soon as possible, we will send you an

expedited replacement, usually arrive within 2 days. We

serve every sincere customer with the best service

attitude and best product quality. If you have any

questions, please let us know. We will try our best to

serve each of our customers.

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