GEL TOY NATION X-2 Glock Gel Blaster


This is the new X-2 Glock pistol gel blaster. The X-2 has good build quality at an affordable price. The new version x2 has added a last round hold-open feature. With a decent magazine capacity, electric blow-back, function torch which doubles as battery storage.

X-2 Glock gel blaster also comes with an extra drum mag and a long mag, integrated with top rails. Great for the beginner shooting in the backyard or players in those crazy CQB games.

Glock 21 Features:

  • Solid ABS construction

  • Electric blow-back

  • Great rate of fire

  • Last round hold-open
  • Drum mag and long mag included.

  • Top 20mm standard picatinny rail

Model: X2
Material: ABS plastic
Gel ball size: 7-8 mm
Color: red black
Weight: 695g
Dimensions: 33*18*8cm

Shooting range: 15-20m
Velocity: 160FPS
Rate of fire: 12RPS

Package Includes:
1x X-2 glock gel blaster

1x 7.4v lipo battery and USB charger

1x Safety glasses

1x manual

1x Short stick magazine

1x long mag

1x Drum mag

1pack of extra gel balls

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